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2020 Student Picture Days at Discovery of Learning Visalia

Picture Day in 2021

Even during these crazy unprecedented times, don’t miss out on your student’s School Pictures! Join me on Tuesday, March 23rd, at Discovery of Learning Visalia for a fresh new picture day experience. Select from four pre-order packages where you get to pick your print sizes yourself! Pick some awesome add-ons to round out your order. We’ll meet outdoors for a contact-free photo session, on the beautiful DOL Visalia grounds. In addition to individual portraits, we will take time for your student to have “Buddy Pictures” with their friends if you’d like, and you’ll be able to order prints and products of those one week after Picture Day, right online!

Print Packages Starting at $20

Select from three convenient print packages.

No more being stuck with prints you don’t need… you choose your print sizes!

Awesome Add-ons!

Lots of fun photo products available

Keychains, Magnets, ID Cards, and more
for both students and parents!

What is a Print Unit?

Think of a “print unit” as a sheet of photo paper. You can fit one 8×10 print on that sheet; or two 5×7 prints; four 3.5×5 prints; 8 wallet-sized prints.

Each package comes with a set number of print units, but you get to choose what sizes those prints are! Order what you need, without being stuck with a bunch of prints you’ll never use! If you need more, simply order extra print units!

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